“Mesmerizing in Blue: Hailey Baldwin Flaunts Her Enviable Curves in a Chic Sports Bikini on a Yacht”

Within a short period of time, Hailey Baldwin has emerged as one of the top models in the industry. Despite being accused of gaining fame through her associations with bigger stars like Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, the 19-year-old daughter of Stephen Baldwin has proved that her incredible curves are what make her stand out. In a recent post on social media, the New Yorker shared a picture of herself looking stunning on a yacht in Miami, reminding her fans of what has truly made her a cover girl.

All good here: Hailey Baldwin flashed a peace sign as she showed off her bikini body on a yacht Wednesday

Everything’s fine: Hailey Baldwin displayed a sign of peace while flaunting her beachwear figure on a luxurious boat on Wednesday.

Surfing in a pool? In another snap Hailey sat on a surf board while in a swimming pool. She smiled as if she were up to something naughty

Have you ever heard of surfing in a pool? Well, it seems like Hailey has given it a try! In one picture, she can be seen smiling mischievously while sitting on a surfboard in a swimming pool. And in another photo, she stuck up two fingers to make a peace sign behind a blue can with white stars on it. Her sporty bikini consisted of a halter top and black-banded bottoms, and she wore her hair down. Despite having a deep tan, the model appeared to be wearing minimal makeup.

Exercise: The model - whose uncle is actor Alec Baldwin - was also seen doing gymnastics on a beach with a female friend

While spending time at the beach, the model (who happens to be related to actor Alec Baldwin) was spotted engaging in some gymnastics alongside a female companion.

She must work out a lot: Hailey lifted her legs up and pointed her toes while balancing on her hands

It appears that Hailey is quite dedicated to her fitness routine as she was seen lifting her legs up and pointing her toes while balancing on her hands.

It's like she's a contortionist! Maybe this pinup is ready for a turn on Dancing With The Stars?

She’s so flexible, it’s almost as if she’s a contortionist. Perhaps she could showcase her skills on Dancing With The Stars?

This cannot feel too good: The Express model did a back bend as she looked at her pal

The model, who happens to be related to actor Alec Baldwin as his niece, was caught on camera doing a back bend while hanging out with her friend. In another picture, she can be seen sitting on a surfboard in a swimming pool, grinning like she was up to no good. Hailey was also spotted doing some gymnastics on the beach with her female companion. This sighting occurred after she was seen wearing a swimsuit with the words “Just Married” printed on it. However, she later posted on Instagram to clarify that it was just a joke while flaunting the high-cut and backless one-piece during her stay in Miami.

Just kidding! Baldwin, 19, wore a 'Just Married' red swimsuit on Monday as she enjoyed a day on a yacht in Miami

Baldwin, the 19-year-old model, had a fun day on a yacht in Miami while donning a red swimsuit with the words ‘Just Married’ written on it. This Baywatch-inspired one-piece accentuated her cleavage and bikini bottoms tan line, thanks to its high-cut sides. She completed the look with a pair of Aviator shades and a baseball cap, all while soaking up the Florida sun during the Independence Day holiday.

Bared some skin: The teen model's one-piece was backless and her honey blonde hair was left loose

Showing off some flesh: The teenage model donned a one-piece swimsuit that had an open back, while her golden locks flowed freely.

Sexy look: The swimsuit was high-cut at the sides in the style of the classic Baywatch red swimsuit and the plunging neckline revealed plenty of cleavage

Sensuous Appearance: The bathing suit’s sides were cut high, reminiscent of the iconic Baywatch red swimsuit, while the deep neckline showcased ample cleavage.

Body beautiful: The daughter of Stephen Baldwin wasn't shy about showing off her pert posterior

Body beautiful: The daughter of Stephen Baldwin wasn't shy about showing off her pert posterior

The offspring of Stephen Baldwin proudly flaunted her well-shaped behind without any hesitation.

State of independence: Hailey took to Instagram to reassure her fans she was only joking around

Hailey has used Instagram as a medium to clarify her intentions to her fans. She had dressed up in red, white, and blue attire to mark the occasion of July 4th. She wore a red swimsuit and a blue baseball cap, with her nails painted in white. She let her honey-colored locks fall freely down her shoulders. However, Hailey confirmed that she was just joking around with her outfit.

Holiday vibe: The blonde's high-cut swimsuit revealed her bikini bottoms tan line, and she rocked a blue baseball cap and a white manicure in her patriotic ensemble

Holiday vibe: The blonde's high-cut swimsuit revealed her bikini bottoms tan line, and she rocked a blue baseball cap and a white manicure in her patriotic ensemble

On vacation, the blond woman sported a patriotic look with a high-cut swimsuit that exposed her tan line and a blue baseball cap. She also had a white manicure to complete her outfit.

Party time: Hailey spent a happy day tooling around on the luxury yacht with pals

Celebration mode: Hailey had a delightful time exploring the lavish yacht with her buddies all day.

Being young, independent and unattached, she was rumored to be in a relationship with Justin Bieber earlier this year. However, at present, there is no indication that she is involved in a committed partnership with anyone.

Splashed around: She looked as if she'd enjoyed a dip in the water to cool off

Drenched and refreshed: Her appearance suggested that she had indulged in a refreshing swim.
Hailey, a prominent member of the group of up-and-coming Hollywood starlets, including the likes of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, recently spoke candidly about her close bond with her girlfriends. She confessed that she has not yet reached the same level of success in her modeling career as her peers. “We’re not at the same stage in our careers,” she shared with People. “I never regard myself as a supermodel.”

Squad: The teen alsos hared this snap of herself with her leggy pals on her Instagram acocunt on Monday

Group of friends: The teenager posted a photo with her tall friends on her Instagram profile on Monday.

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